Installing Hercules Studio under Fedora Linux

Installing Hercules Studio from the command line

Hercules Studio can be installed using the following command (which should be run as root):

dnf install hercstudio

Installing the development flavor of Hercules Studio

If you would like to install the latest Hercules Studio from the development branch, use the following 3 commands instead of the one above:
note: you have to remove the package installed by one of the other procedures before installing the development branch.

dnf config-manager --add-repo
dnf update
dnf install hercstudio-trunk


If you are unfamiliar with installing and managing linux software, take these steps, which will leave you with a working Hercules Studio (and Hercules) on Fedora Linux.

1. You must first, of course, install Fedora. The easieast way is to:

  a. Download the ISO (cd image) from the Fedora project site.
  b. Burn the image and install Fedora. You can install it side-by-side with your existing Windows.

2. Once logged in, select Activities->Software

Add/Remove Software

3. Type "Hercules" and press the Enter button

Add/Remove Software

4. Press the Install button next to the software Install

find it

The package manager will download and install all that is needed to run Hercules Studio (including Hercules !)

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